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Founder of Shabbat.com, Rabbi Klatzko brings over two decades of visionary leadership, staunch support of Israel, and Jewish activism to the project. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Rabbi Klatzko received his rabbinic ordination from the prestigious Mir Yeshiva in Brooklyn, New York. After completing his studies, Rabbi Klatzko accepted an offer to serve as Rabbi of the historic Agudath Israel synagogue of Brooklyn, New York. After seven years of galvanizing the community towards greater levels of Jewish living and expression, he began a three year stint as the Rabbi of a distinguished congregation in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. In what at the time was perceived as a bold move, 1999 saw the Klatzko family move to California so that he could accept the position of Campus Rabbi at UCLA. As a hands-on and loveable ambassador for the Jewish faith, he reconnected literally thousands of young Jewish men and women to their heritage. He also made an impressive splash in the broader Jewish community, earning the moniker “The Hollywood Rabbi.” Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and producers, including cast and staff from Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, Third Rock From the Sun, and Directors and Vice Presidents of Sony, Disney, and Warner Brothers, became regulars at his popular monthly class on Jewish thought. He currently serves as a National Director of College Outreach and in that capacity oversees and promotes Jewish education and continuity throughout North America. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Yeshiva University and lectures at over 50 different North American colleges and universities each year. A person of indefatigable energy, Rabbi Klatzko is also a successful author, cantor, music producer, and Mohel. A noted Judaica art collector, Rabbi Klatzko is the founder of Simcha Art Gallery in Monsey, New York. His eclectic accomplishments have even earned him the admiration of the United States Congress, where he was honored during a live session of House of Representatives as a “distinguished gentleman making a difference to his community.” Rabbi Klatzko and his family currently live in Monsey, New York, where hosting 50 or more people for Shabbos in the norm. He has been at the frontier of improving Jewish communal life in the United States for over two decades.

Coming Attractions

Be Found By Local Hosts When Traveling

Going on vacation? Studying abroad for a semester? Taking a business trip? Soon, Shabbat.com will introduce a new feature allowing members to temporarily change their locations! This feature will allow hosts to find you wherever on earth you roam! Stay tuned for sneak peeks at more exciting new features at Shabbat.com!


Suggest A Match – Send Your Friends To Your Favorite Hosts

Did you know that you can connect your fellow Shabbat.com members to other guests and hosts? Utilizing our innovative, user-friendly “Suggest a Match” feature, you can help others to enjoy a beautiful Shabbat together. Just open a member’s profile, and at the upper-right hand corner of the box, click on the “Suggest a Shabbat Match” button.

After that, you will be guided through a simple process that will enable you to suggest Shabbat matches for your friend, using filters such as location, occupation and more. You can even send an entire member profile to a friend! Check our blog regularly for tips to maximize the benefits of using Shabbat.com!

Blessings in the Storm…

On an average week, Shabbat.com averages over 2,500 matches between Shabbat guests and hosts via our interactive website. During the weekend that Hurricane Irene battered the East Coast, however, the Shabbat.com community demonstrated a beautiful display of Ahavat Yisrael (love for one’s fellow Jew) by organizing over 6,000 Shabbat invitations! “Thanks to you, we were able to find a place!” wrote Rebecca, after Shabbat.com placed messages all over Facebook aimed at helping those stranded because of the hurricane. In addition to extra calls to Shabbat.com’s hotline (for those stranded Erev Shabbat with three hours or less before candle-lighting), the Shabbat.com community also offered Facebook users rooms in their own homes – in locations spanning the tri-State area. “Mi k’amcha Yisrael!” another Shabbat.com member wrote. How blessed we are to share the beauty of Shabbat and the kinship of the Jewish people today and every day, rain or shine!